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EnergySolutions global presence is built upon a foundation of more than 50 years’ experience in radioactive waste management and nuclear facility D&D.

This rich history uniquely positions us to understand our international client situations, many of whom are early in the development of their national solutions.

Our experience of what has and has not worked technically, socio economically and geopolitically allows us to provide unique solutions and support to our clients tailored to their individual and programmatic needs.

Recognizing the needs of our international clients to develop their own domestic solutions and capability, we offer a full range of support from delivering complete programmatic waste management solutions.

We providing individual components of a waste management program to providing consulting and partnering to help our clients determine the path best for them.

Recognizing our environmental responsibility, we are supporting our customers in meeting sustainability, circular economy, and carbon footprint reduction.

With our newly established SUVA (Sustainable Value Solutions) brand we provide a sustainable solution for both contaminated materials and for radioisotope contaminants.

By application of developing technologies our approach revolutionizes the back end of the nuclear life cycle by mining the valuable assets from facilities that have reached end of life.

  • SUVA is a newly registered EnergySolutions recycling company, offering global recycling solutions for the nuclear industry.
  • With a multinational and diverse workforce across three continents, SUVA is committed to delivering UN sustainability goals through the innovation and dedication of its people.
  • SUVA is pioneering a paradigm shift in the back end of the nuclear industry, where decommissioning becomes a valuable source of scarce resources
  • Unlike traditional approaches, SUVA’s focus is on “creating an asset” rather than “reducing a liability,” leading to a positive closure of the nuclear power plant life cycle.
  • SUVA is dedicated to delivering on sustainability, circular economy, and carbon footprint reduction goals, utilizing existing, new, and evolving technologies to remove contamination, recover valuable nuclides, and establish base material value.

Did you know…

30% of the cost of decommissioning a nuclear plant is waste disposal

95% of decommissioning waste is LLW / Disposal

1% of LLW decommissioning waste is radioactive, only the thin film of contamination on the bulk material is radioactive

Imagine if waste wasnt waste

The SUVA process for recycling steam generators


The SUVA process for recycling steam generators

Waste Management Capabilities
Grit / Abrasive blasting/ High Pressure Spray
Water treatment
Chemical Decontamination
Electro-refining / Electro-polishing
Biological Decontamination
Metal melting
Steam Reforming
Equipment salvage and reuse / Wire stripping
Sectioning and repackaging for volume reduction
Packaging for transportation
Laboratory support

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