EnergySolutions Canada

The EnergySolutions Canada Walker Operations Facility is a radioactive waste and materials management facility that safely manages nuclear material. The facility operates under a broad Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Waste Nuclear Substance License (WNSL).

Brampton, Ontario

Reactor Tooling Storage & Refurbishment

The 12,000 square meter (130,000 square foot) facility is designed specifically to provide services for reactor tooling storage & refurbishment, as well as low-level radioactive waste management for Canadian Utilities, hospitals & research facilities.

Unique industry services at our licensed facility

Included Services:

  • Design of specialized processing systems and customized licensed areas to eliminate the need for client on-site facilities.
  • Cost-effective solutions for radioactive materials management and classification, which includes additional processing and volume reduction capabilities at EnergySolutions facilities located in Tennessee
  • Decontamination and free release capabilities
  • Temperature controlled, secure storage of radioactive waste, tooling and equipment
  • Emergency response support services for large segment of the Canadian nuclear industry
  • On-site Certified Brokers and Health Physicists with expertise in requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), CNSC, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for management and transportation of radioactive materials
  • Import/Export authorization for cross-border transport between the U.S. and Canada

Processing Facilities

EnergySolutions Canada has access to the full range of U.S. processing capabilities. Waste accepted at the EnergySolutions Canada Facility is processed through a rigorous screening process, packaged and transported by truck or rail to Bear Creek for processing.

Logistics and Transportation

EnergySolutions Canada utilizes two EnergySolutions transportation companies to transport radioactive material for processing. EnergySolutions owns and operates PHTS Logistics which has been in business since 1996 for transportation of material within Canada. PHTS has a fleet of more than 45 vehicles to fulfill the transportation needs of its Canadian customers. The company manages small shipments and loads weighing up to 96,000 pounds. Headquartered near Kincarden, Ontario and close to Bruce Power, PHTS provides logistical services to the entire nuclear Canadian market. For material that is processed in our Tennessee facilities, EnergySolutions uses Hittman Transportation to transport materials across the border into the United States for processing and volume reduction or recycling. Hittman transportation is headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and manages transportation of nuclear material across the United States.

Hittman and PHTS Transportion assets and services:

Largest fleet of tractors and trailers dedicated to the nuclear industry
Road, rail and water options
Extensive fleet of reusable IP1 and IP2 ISO containers and tankers