Zion Nuclear Power Station Decommissioning Successfully Completed

Salt Lake City, Utah – November 16th, 2023

EnergySolutions announced today that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently approved the partial site release request for the Zion Nuclear Power Station, which was the final regulatory approval required to allow transfer of the licenses from ZionSolutions, a subsidiary of EnergySolutions, back to Constellation. This license transfer marks the completion of the Zion Nuclear Power Station Decommissioning project located in Zion, Illinois.

“We appreciate the NRC’s thorough and rigorous process to ensure the safe, successful completion of the Zion Nuclear Power Station decommissioning project,” stated Ken Robuck, President and CEO of EnergySolutions. “Credit for the safe decommissioning of this facility goes to the dedicated, highly skilled employees, and our key partners. I want to express our appreciation for their efforts to safely complete this work,” added Robuck.

“This milestone is a significant one for EnergySolutions as well as the industry. The process was a challenging one with numerous lessons learned. NEI’s support and engagement in a variety of related issues also proved invaluable in achieving this outcome,” said Jeff Richardson, COO of EnergySolutions.

EnergySolutions took ownership of the plant in September 2010 through the license stewardship program designed to accelerate decommissioning. Under this program EnergySolutions acquired the Zion Nuclear Power Station assets and conducted the work as owner and licensee.

The action approved by the NRC is considered a “partial” site release since the licensed footprint of the site is reduced to the property associated with the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation. Constellation will assume responsibility for the spent nuclear fuel that remains on site.

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