Clive Disposal Facility

The Clive disposal facility is located in the West Desert of Utah approximately 75 miles west of Salt Lake City. Established nearly 30 years ago, Clive plays a vital role in the nuclear industry as a disposal facility for Class A Waste. The types of material that are disposed of at Clive include the following:

  • Soil and debris from clean up sites
  • Low level waste created nuclear power plants
  • Byproducts and equipment used in the nuclear power generation
  • Byproducts used in nuclear power plants
  • Radioactive material from Department of Energy (DOE) cleanup sites
  • Radioactively contaminated medical waste


Material shipped to Clive arrives by truck and train with the majority of the waste arriving by train.  The material is safely disposed of in engineered embankments, or cells, that are constructed approximately 12 feet below grade and are built up to 38 feet above grade.

Our employees take great pride in safety and have accomplished more than 3.5 million man hours without a lost time accident.  Safety is our value and it’s our first priority when managing radioactive material.  Once the material is safely disposed, a robust monitoring system ensures the integrity of the cell is maintained.  Water and air monitoring stations are located throughout the site to ensure the environment is not compromised.

Clive Disposal Facility
Dave Squires
General Manager, Clive Disposal Operations
I-80, Exit 49
Grantsville, Utah 84029
Phone: (801) 649-2010
Fax: (435) 884-3549