Safety – Employees, Public and Environment

EnergySolutions is committed to ensuring safety for its employees, the public and the environment. In order to meet the highest standards of safety, EnergySolutions employees complete thousands of hours of industrial and radiation safety training overseen by dozens of radiation safety professionals and technicians. Comprehensive environmental monitoring programs at EnergySolutions locations and worksites ensure environmental quality of operations and protection of the public through hundreds of samples and analyses of air, water, soil, and vegetation. 

Safety – Transportation

Through EnergySolutions’ transportation division, Hittman Transport Services (Hittman), safety is of utmost importance. With more than 60,000 shipments without a hazardous materials incident and an excellent safety rating in the nuclear transportation business, EnergySolutions is proud of Hittman’s outstanding safety record. 

Safety – Commitment to Work 

EnergySolutions is proud of its safety record as it has repeatedly achieved 1 million safe work hours without a reportable safety incident. All EnergySolutions employees are trained to continually keep safety as a priority and are empowered to call to attention their safety concerns for review before proceeding with operations.

Safety – Regulatory Oversight 

EnergySolutions works closely with its regulators all of which are dedicated to ensuring safety to the public, employees and the environment.


These regulators include:

Proud EnergySolutions is part of our team - Utah Jazz Proud EnergySolutions is part of our team - Utah Jazz
Myth vs Reality

MYTH: Nuclear power is on the decline.

REALITY: Just the opposite. As of 2010, worldwide there are 345 new nuclear power plants proposed, 151 planned and 57 under construction. In the U.S. alone, there are 23 proposed nuclear power plants, 9 planned and one already under construction. Learn More

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