Nuclear Plant Waste Solutions

Engineering & Technology

  • Provide full design and engineering capabilities including industry standard 3D rendering/modeling capabilities
  • Development of specialty water treatment medias
  • Development of new technologies for the nuclear industry
  • Successful development, testing, and implementation of specialized high activity liquid water processing systems at Fukushima

Process/ Mechanical Engineering

  • Material balance & process flow calculations
  • Production of process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Complete shielding packages maximizing ALARA
  • Licensed shielded transport cask
  • Complete design/build capabilities for:
    • Radwaste processing systems
    • Coded pressure vessels
    • Remote/automatic handling equipment maximizing ALARA

Control, Electrical & Information

  • Instrumentation and control definition and design for all process and mechanical systems
  • Full control system development (software & hardware) for PLC and DCS solutions
  • Process and special radiological instrument design & specification (NDA/NDE)
  • Load analysis and power distribution
  • CCTV and communication systems

Nuclear Engineering, Radiological Safety & Quality Assurance. Identification of radioactive source terms, Calculation of area dose rates, Shielding analysis, ALARA studies.

Liquid Waste Processing Systems

  • Specializing in Ion-Exchange (IE), Ultra-Filtration (UF), Reverse-Osmosis (RO), Spray Dryer, Concentrate Dryer, and Mechanical/Back-Flushable Filter Technologies
  • NRC and SC-DHEC approved Dewatering Systems and Containers (including both Standard and Rapid Dewatering technologies)
  • Full demand and emergency support services during outages and/or special projects at plants
  • Process Chemistry: Expertise in nuclear waste processing and cleanup
  • Flowsheet Development: Optimizing the flowsheet to fit project constraints
  • Equipment Development: For both permanent and skid-mounted facilities, integrated closely with process chemistry and flowsheet development
  • Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange Processes
  • Radionuclide Chemistry: Utilizing our knowledge and understanding to resolve key radionuclide issues
  • Solid-Liquid Separation including cross-flow filtration, micro-filtration (MF), ultra-filtration (UF), reverse-osmosis (RO), centrifuge, hydrocyclone
  • Radioactive Sludge Retrieval, Stabilization, and Packaging:
  • Successfully developed many specialty nuclear systems and components for the nuclear marketplace that are skid-mounted and allow for quick ease of deployment and future decommissioning with minimal impact on day-to-day plant operations grout encapsulation
  • Ion exchange
  • Cesium/strontium separation by solvent extraction
  • Solid/liquid separation by ultrafiltration
  • Nuclear power plant on-site liquid processing systems


  • Complete line of High Integrity Containers (HICs) & Steel Liners for wide variety of waste packaging needs (resin dewatering, solidification, high-rad trash, irradiated hardware, etc.)
  • Complete line of “soft-sided” packages for a wide variety of waste packaging need (solid radwaste, debris, high-rad trash, DAW, etc.)
  • Custom Navy
  • Custom containers based on customer specifications, Pump Containers, CLPRCT, LPRCT, etc.

Fuel Pool Services

Spent Fuel Pool Services – Ability to provide complete turnkey fuel pool services including but not limited to:

  • Volume reduction of irradiated hardware
  • Consolidation and packaging
  • Underwater transfer and container loading
  • Cask transportation
  • Fuel pool vacuuming
  • Pool-to-pool transfers
  • Waste characterization
  • Shipment manifesting assistance and qualified brokering
  • Specialty container designs for remote handling