Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plant’s Waste

EnergySolutions provides comprehensive experience and world-class employees with the experience necessary to fully decommission a nuclear power plant. Currently we are decommissioning the Zion Nuclear Power Plant located 45 miles north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Our innovative programs and facilities enable us to safely and cost-effectively meet the decommissioning and waste management challenges for every project.

The requirements that companies need to meet before they can begin the process of nuclear waste management are outlined in several NRC regulations, the latest of which came into effect in August 1996, compelling companies to provide early notice to the NRC regarding all decommissioning projects. This allows the NRC to process and disseminate all the pertinent information to the public before the project can move forward.

Public involvement in power plant decommissioning is an important part of the process that doesn’t get much attention. Fortunately, it’s an aspect of the nuclear waste management business that the management and staff of EnergySolutions take very seriously.

Safety is our first priority on any project. Ensuring we perform the work in a safe and effective manner and to continually communicate to the general public and regulators the progress made at at every stage is vital to our success of every project.

The services EnergySolutions provides for their client’s decommissioning efforts include the following:

  • Cost certainty with no further contribution from ratepayers
  • Site restoration allowing future beneficial reuse of the property
  • Protection of employees and the public’s health and safety is assured
  • Work performed by world-class nuclear decommissioning company under NRC supervision as an NRC licensee

When you work with EnergySolutions it is our goal to all operations are performed with safety continually emphasized through training and observation. Safety for the environment and public health are always our top priority.

For additional information research our website for additional information and details on the decommissioning process, as well as learn about the other offers and services that EnergySolutions provides interested parties and client companies.