EnergySolutions Expanding to Support New Nuclear Initiatives

Salt Lake City, UT – June 21, 2023 – EnergySolutions, a major supplier of services to the Nuclear Industry is announcing additional capabilities in support of U.S. Nuclear Plant Life Extension and New Plant Construction, and in support of the energy industry’s 2050 Net Zero goals.

EnergySolutions is the most comprehensive supplier of nuclear decommissioning/decontamination, waste processing and disposal services in the U.S. and Canada. We are leveraging our existing nuclear QA program and nuclear services infrastructure to support this important expansion of service capabilities. 

EnergySolutions will deliver experienced project management, supervision, and subject matter expertise that will support plant life extension projects and new reactor planning and construction. Initially, we will provide project execution and labor management expertise coupled with our proven track record in executing large capital projects that will provide utilities, developers, and prospective owners with a mission-critical solution for project delivery. EnergySolutions has assembled an experienced and proven team of management in support of this expanded service offering.

In addition, we are in the early phases of exploring the use of EnergySolutions -owned former nuclear sites such as Kewaunee Nuclear Generating Station, as potential locations for future new nuclear generation sites. 

These service offerings will complete the cycle of EnergySolutions services that promote preservation of the environment through environmentally safe waste disposal and support for zero-carbon energy production.


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