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The Barnwell Disposal Facility is owned by the state of South Carolina and operated by EnergySolutions. The facility is the host disposal site for the Atlantic Compact which comprises of South Carolina, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

45 Years of Operation

The Facility began operations in 1971 and has provided continuous disposal operations for over 45 years. The site is licensed to dispose of Class A, B and C low-level wastes, including irradiated hardware and large components, steam generators, resins, and reactor pressure vessels.

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Barnwell Processing Facility performs resin dewatering, waste solidification, and evaporation processes. BPF also completes a variety of special projects for Savannah River Site contractors and EnergySolutions‘ projects.

As with all EnergySolutions‘ facilities, safety is a culture embraced by every Barnwell Facility employee and the safety and compliance record is one of the best in the business.