Erwin ResinSolutions Facility

EnergySolutions owns and operates the Erwin ResinSolutions Facility located in Erwin, Tennessee. This facility utilizes an innovative solution for spent ion-exchange resins from U.S. commercial nuclear power plants. The patented Steam Reforming Process safely dewaters, chemically reforms, homogenizes and reduces the volume of spent ion-exchange resins into a solid-phase, stable waste form. Once the Steam Reforming Process has been applied, the residual solid material is packaged and prepped for transportation to the EnergySolutions Clive Disposal Facility located in Utah West Desert.

What is Erwin ResinSolutions?

Erwin ResinSolutions is a subsidiary of EnergySolutions that processes ion-exchange resins. The process, known as Steam Reforming, uses heat to reform resins into a compact, homogeneous, environmentally stable waste form that is known as reformed residue.

What are ion-exchange resins?

Ion-exchange resins are used to purify the water in nuclear power plants. During this process, the resins remove radioactive isotopes from the water and then must be disposed of as radioactive waste.

Is the Steam Reforming process used for waste blending?

Yes. Radioactive resins of various concentrations have long been and will continue to be processed using Steam Reforming or alternative processes. These processes are often referred to as blending, which is commonly done by radioactive waste processors and generators. Blending is not dilution. Dilution is defined as mixing clean material with radioactive waste.

What are the benefits of the Steam Reforming process?

The resin is processed into a superior waste form that is proven to be highly stable and homogeneous, an ideal combination for disposal.

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