What is TWDSolutions?

EnergySolutions and its exclusive teaming partner WMG have created a partnership to provide long-term and predictable price stability in return for certain exclusivity for waste through TWDSolutions.   By engaging earlier in the value chain cycle for waste management TWDSolutions will provide its customers a tailor-fit program for waste management that reduces life cycle costs associated with waste dispositioning, improve ALARA and reduce risk.

EnergySolutions and WMG are industry leaders for waste dispositioning starting from characterization, transportation, processing, recycling and disposal through TWDSolutions.

TWDSolutions is not a “cookie-cutter” approach; it is tailor-fit program specific to the nuclear power plant (NPP) site specific conditions, and then the fleet. Each Nuclear Power Plant has its own unique attributes and then must remain consistent with the fleet.  TWDSolutions is committed applying this program to provide the following:

  • propose work scope and price
  • support operating as a fleet initiative working across all disciplines involved; while maintaining the demands at the NPP level
  • decrease overall spending for waste dispositioning (now and life-cycle)
  • transfer risk to TWDSolutions, as applicable
  • define KPIs and risks, as applicable
  • share best practices across fleet

Waste Dispositioning

EnergySolutions owns and/or operates all of the assets required to achieve the full life cycle of waste dispositioning, which reduces the risk and regulatory burdens associated with waste dispositioning. This includes waste characterization, packaging, transport, processing and disposal capabilities for your radioactive waste needs.

The Waste Life Cycle

Life cycle costing for waste dispositioning is the process of compiling all costs that a utility/plant will incur from the time waste is generated till the time waste is disposed of, “cradle-to-grave” philosophy.  Life cycle costing for waste dispositioning will have the least cost to a utility/plant to handle, procure & amp; contract, characterize, regulate & amp; permit, package, transport, process, and dispose.

The Solutions

TWDSolutions operates under one contract, with a single point of contact exploring various
means to save on dose, time, and money.

  • Reduce Life Cycle Cost for Waste Dispositioning
  • Reduce Risks (regulatory & financial)
  • Leverage EnergySolutions Vertically Integrated Services
  • Gain Efficiencies

With the support of WMG TWDSolutions provides the complete scope of services to meet all of your waste management needs.  See below links to learn more about WMG services.

RADWASTE Management
Characterization (Performance/Support/Review)
Waste Management Consulting
Shipping Support Services
Sampling Analysis
Packaging & Liners