Hittman Transport Services, Inc.

EnergySolutions' subsidiary, Hittman Transport Services, is the premier transporter of low-level radioactive waste in the country, and one of the largest trucking companies for hauling nuclear fuel in the United States. Its fleet logs millions of miles per year, transporting shipping casks, vans, and flatbeds throughout the United States and Canada. Hittman began supporting the nuclear industry in 1977 and since this time has accumulated over 148 million safely-driven miles. Hittman – as an average – logs over 8 million miles per year and transports over 300 radioactive shipments per month. Our drivers have an average of 26 years of experience.


Hittman Transport Services, Inc., is an essential part of our logistics capabilities at EnergySolutions. They can help your company efficiently transport materials for processing and disposal in a safe and effective manner. With a long history of meeting a variety transportation needs, Hittman Transport Services is your trusted provider. Our professionalism and skill in transporting waste materials mean that you will be working with the best.

Our transport specialists are responsible for delivering these materials over millions of miles every year aren’t simply concerned with driving; they are also accountable for ensuring that all shipments are routinely inspected during transport to identify any situation that could compromise the shipment while in transition. Preventing such incidents requires attention to detail that can only come from extensive training and experience.

Find out more about the services that our subsidiary can provide for your dangerous and hazardous transportation needs.

For more information regarding our services or driver employment opportunities, please e-mail us at hittmantransport@energysolutions.com or contact us at (800) 448-8626.

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Hittman Operations Manager
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Marsha Bernardo
Technical Services
299 South Main Street, Suite 1700
Salt Lake City, Utah
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