EnergySolutions offers fully-integrated transportation services that encompasses all aspects of transporting radioactive material. These processes include obtaining required local and federal licenses and permits, loading and bracing shipments, and conducting vehicle radiation surveys.

We are available to provide transportation assistance to companies throughout the United States and Canada. We have expertise in transporting large contaminated components, including reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, and other smaller items. Transportation modes include barge, rail, and truck transport.

The primary goal of our services is to ensure all of your transportation needs are met in a safe and regulated manner ensuring completion of the project without incident.

The Waste Management Logistics of EnergySolutions include exempt waste, hazardous material, low-level waste, intermediate-level waste, and high-level waste. The nuclear and radioactive waste management authorities create guidelines and regulations regarding the disposal of such waste to ensure all transportation regulations are enforced.

It’s important for waste management logistics companies to maintain compliance with these safety standards to ensure their ability to continue working, and protect the safety of the people around their sites, such as employees and engineers. This is an important job, and one that requires the help of a company that has extensive experience and impeccable credential to perform the required tasks with confidence and competence.