Clive Facility Containerized Waste

“Containerized Waste Facility” – EnergySolutions’ disposal facility for the receipt and direct disposal of high activity Class A LLRW with contact dose rates on disposal containers exceeding 200 mR/hr (e.g., cask shipments). Generators must be certified to ship waste to the Containerized Waste Facility. Generators shipping waste to the Containerized Waste Facility must indicate “Containerized Waste Facility” in Block 9 of the Uniform Low-Level Radioactive Waste Manifest, Form 540. The following provides information about the capabilities and requirements of Containerized Waste Facility.

Containerized Waste Facility Waste Acceptance Criteria

Due to the increased radioactivity and external dose rates of waste that will be shipped to the Containerized Waste Facility, EnergySolutions has implemented a Generator Certification Program that eliminates the requirement to sample incoming shipments to the CWF, thus keeping worker doses to as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). This program only applies to EnergySolutions’ CWF. For receipt of bulk waste, the process of waste profiling on a waste stream basis will remain the same.  The Containerized Waste Facility Waste Acceptance Criteria (CWF WAC) contains the steps necessary to ship to the CWF. These documents can be downloaded at the EnergySolutions Customer Portal.

  • Certified Containerized Waste Profile Record This file contains the Certified Containerized Waste Profile Record. For the Certified Waste Generator Program, EnergySolutions will review each generator’s procedures regarding radioactive waste characterization, packaging, and transportation for adequacy in complying with EnergySolutions’ license conditions and waste acceptance criteria. Particular attention will be given to radiological characterization, free liquid management and inspections, void space minimization procedures, QA/QC program, and recent inspection reports completed by the generator’s primary radioactive waste management regulatory agency. EnergySolutions’ review and certification of a generator’s radioactive waste management program will include an assessment of the required documentation and procedures identified in Section 4 of the Certified Containerized Waste Profile Record. A completed and signed copy of this form must be submitted with the required documentation in order to become qualified as a Certified Generator.
  • Advance Shipment Notification The Advanced Shipment Notification Form must be completed and emailed or faxed to EnergySolutions’ CWF Operation’s Department in order to request a shipment delivery date (see the CWF WAC for contact information). The CWF Operations’ Department will return the Advanced Shipment Notification Form with a unique CWF Shipment ID Number when the shipment delivery schedule is approved.