For decades many of us have recognized the value of nuclear and the essential role it plays in solving the greatest threat to our time, climate change. At EnergySolutions we believe everyone must do their part to ensure that nuclear remains a part of the equation and solution in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale.  Power generators, consumers, regulators and more importantly the vendor community should continue to strive for efficient processes and reduction in cost to allow us to obtain this goal. This is why in 2020 EnergySolutions, along with WMG, has launched a strategic initiative – TWDSolutions.

What is TWDSolutions?

In 2020, EnergySolutions and WMG launched a strategic partnership to provide full service support and life-cycle cost savings to nuclear installations through TWDSolutions (also known as Total Waste Dispositioning Solutions).   By engaging earlier in the waste management value chain cycle, TWDSolutions will provide our customers with a tailored program that reduces life cycle costs, improves ALARA and reduces risk.

Through TWDSolutions, we provide our customers with industry-leading cradle-to-grave services including liquid waste processing, waste optimization, characterization, transportation, processing, recycling and disposal.

TWDSolutions is not a “cookie-cutter” approach; it’s a program tailored to customer-specific conditions

TWDSolutions’ programmatic approach includes:

  • Detailed evaluation of the current state
  • Plant-specific or fleet-wide approach working across all disciplines involved to achieve the specific goals established following the evaluation
  • Overall cost reduction for waste dispositioning
  • Key Performance Indicators and change management plan
  • Risk Management and reduction
  • Access to best practices in waste dispositioning

Waste Dispositioning

TWDSolutions owns and/or operates all assets required for full life cycle waste dispositioning, thereby reducing associated risks and regulatory burdens. Services include waste characterization, packaging, transport, processing and disposal to meet all your radioactive waste needs.

The Waste Life Cycle

Life cycle costing for waste dispositioning is the process of compiling all costs that a utility/plant will incur from the time waste is generated until the time waste is disposed —a “cradle-to-grave” philosophy.  Life cycle costing for waste dispositioning enables the customer achieve savings through efficiencies developed to handle, procure; contract, characterize, regulate; permit, package, transport, process, and dispose.

The Solutions

TWDSolutions operates under one contract, with a single point of contact exploring various
means to save dose, time, and money.

  • Reduce Life Cycle Cost for Waste Dispositioning
  • Reduce Risks (regulatory & financial)
  • Leverage EnergySolutions Vertically Integrated Services
  • Gain Efficiencies

What people are saying:

“Both Larry and Jim have been extraordinarily helpful with resin changes and the UV / Ozone skid process. They are always reachable and provide us with exactly what we need in a quick fashion. These performances should be celebrated.” – Tony Stavalone, Exelon

“The EnergySolutions technician has become an integral part of the radwaste operations group and provided the kind of service we’ve come to expect from EnergySolutions.” – Randy Hummell, Dominion

“I wanted to compliment all of you for your commitment to excellence. It is nice to work with people who are happy with the company they work for as it shows in their attitude and the work they accomplish.” – Annmarie Bachand, Naval Nuclear Laboratory

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