Case Study #1   Retrieval and Repackaging of Resin Liners
Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

Case Study #2   Dismantlement and Disposal of U.S. Navy Barge
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Case Study #3   Rancho Seco Reactor Building Decommissioning
Clay Station, California, USA

Case Study #4   Demolition of Chapelcross Reactor Cooling Towers
Annan, Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom

Case Study #5   Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)
Idaho, New Mexico, South Carolina, USA

Case Study #6   Zion Nuclear Station Decommissioning
Zion, Illinois, USA

Case Study #7   Atlas Mills Tailings Removal and Disposition
Near Moab, Utah, USA

Case Study #8   Quehanna Wild Area Restoration
Morrisdale, Pennsylvania, USA

Case Study #9   Paducah Scrap Yard Cleanup
Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Case Study #10   Three-Building D&D Project
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
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Dr. Gary Sandquist, PhD.

“I recognize EnergySolutions’ essential role in the field of nuclear science and engineering. Their facility is regulated by federal, state and local governments. I am confident that EnergySolutions takes great care in disposing of these materials, making it safe for everyone.”

Dr. Gary Sandquist, PhD.
Professor Emeritus
Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

University of Utah