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The 1,050-acre Fernald site was a former uranium processing facility located near Cincinnati, Ohio. Fernald’s operations supported Cold War era U.S. weapons program. Once weapons operations shut down, the DOE was tasked to focus on environmental compliance, radioactive and mixed waste management and site remediation.

As an integrated Fluor Fernald clean-up team member, EnergySolutions led the waste management and mixed waste projects, providing project management and environmental expertise for site-wide waste retrieval, sorting and segregation, packaging, shipping and transportation for radioactive and hazardous materials disposition. A majority of the low-level radioactive waste removed from Fernald was transported to and disposed of at our Clive facility.

EnergySolutions provided management and technical staff and supervised more than 300 dedicated professional and technical employees of the DOE at the site. As an integrated team member, EnergySolutions also provided services including processing design, logistics and transportation systems.

In January 2007, Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman officially recognized the successful completion and closure of the Fernald site.