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Big Rock Point

By October 6, 2014 Completed Projects No Comments

EnergySolutions (through its acquired companies, BNG America and Duratek) was awarded multiple contracts to support the D&D of Consumers EnergySolutions‘s Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant in Charlevoix, Michigan, the longest-running nuclear reactor in the United States.

This monumental D&D project also involved the engineering, design, licensing and fabrication of spent fuel storage containers and handling equipment. Various engineering and consulting tasks supported spent fuel management and pool-to-pad operations. The removal, transportation, processing and final disposal of large reactor components, structure and system decontamination, building dismantlement and on-site waste management, shipment and processing of LLRW and MLLW were also provided for approximately 100 million pounds of waste using our LLRW disposal operations in Barnwell, South Carolina and Clive, Utah.

For the Big Rock Point project, we successfully developed, licensed and deployed the FuelSolutions™ cask system, the first system capable of accommodating highly-enriched, high-burnup pressurized water reactor and boiling water reactor fuel assemblies, as well as damaged fuel and fuel debris cans.

We also provided the single-source solution for the removal of Big Rock Point’s large components, including the reactor vessel. Our services in this regard included the design, licensing, fabrication and implementation of the first fully NRC-compliant Type B package for shipping a reactor in one piece. The major component removal contract also provided for the provision of decontamination and building dismantlement services, including with respect to the turbine building, stack and various auxiliary buildings and structures.

Furthermore, we provided licensing and project management support for the implementation of a comprehensive on-site and off-site waste management program. Restoration of the site was completed in August 2006.