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Get the Facts. Take the Tour. To go on a tour of EnergySolutions' Clive Facility in Tooele County, simply choose one of the form options below, then complete the form. You can also call Karen Watson at 801-649-2150 or email at


Thank you for your interest in bringing your students on a tour of EnergySolutions' Clive Disposal and Treatment Facility. Due to the high volume of educational tour requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate all classes requesting tours. Please carefully read the below policies about classroom tours. If you feel that a tour of the Clive facility would be both appropriate for your students and meet your educational objectives, please submit the below request. Once this form is submitted, an EnergySolutions representative will contact you. If we do not have room to accommodate your class, we will be happy to send a scientist or engineer to your school to lead a discussion about the science behind Clive, nuclear energy, and other related topics.

Tour Guidelines

  • Tours are led by EnergySolutions scientists and engineers and can be customized to meet your educational objectives such as physics, chemistry, environmental science, engineering, etc.
  • EnergySolutions provides the transportation from the Salt Lake area and box lunches.
  • We do not take elementary schools on tours.
  • A roundtrip tour from Salt Lake City takes between four and five hours.
  • We cannot accommodate more than 40 people on a tour including students, teachers, and chaperones. If you have multiple classes you would like to bring on a tour, we would suggest using the tour as an incentive for your students (e.g. only students current on all assignments can come).