EnergySolutions in Idaho

The Department of Energy administers three major contracts in Idaho Falls, ID. EnergySolutions plays an important role in all three contracts:

• The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), managed by Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA), has a primary mission of “Ensuring the nation’s energy security with safe, competitive, and sustainable energy systems and unique national and homeland security capabilities.” As a resource partner with BEA, EnergySolutions provides waste generator services for all aspects of the INL’s scope. With our employees integrated in the field, we work directly with BEA waste generators to ensure all packaging, characterization, and transportation requirements are met, ensuring safe treatment and disposal of radioactive and hazardous waste.

• The Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP) is tasked with retrieval, treatment, characterization, and disposal of 65,000 m3 of transuranic waste. As a partner of the new contractor, Idaho Treatment Group (ITG), EnergySolutions is responsible for the management of low-level waste (LLW) and mixed low- level waste (MLLW) treatment, characterization, and disposal. We also manage the project’s health and safety program, ensuring thorough hazard identification, effective hazard mitigation, and safe operations.

• The Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) is responsible for safe, environmental cleanup of the Idaho National Laboratory site. EnergySolutions interfaces with the primary contractor to identify cost-effective treatment and disposal options at our Clive, UT and our Bear Creek, TN facilities. EnergySolutions, with our partner Terranear, has also been contracted by the Department of Energy to design and install a treatment system to treat ICP’s remote-handled sodium contaminated waste.

Giving and Volunteerism

EnergySolutions is proud to be a part of the Idaho Falls community. In the past few years we have donated to the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, Grow Idaho Falls, and the Idaho Meth Project. Our employees have participated in the Tom Sherwood Memorial Golf Tournament, to help raise money for a scholarship endowment at Idaho State University, and made contributions to the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.