EnergySolutions in Europe Headquartered in the United Kingdom (U.K.)

EnergySolutions EU offers its proven waste management, operational experience and capability to government and commercial customers in mainland Europe and the U.K. We are a world leader focused on servicing the nuclear industry with the development and implementation of new technologies and approaches for resolving radioactive waste challenges faced by our clients.

In the U.K. we hold contracts with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to manage the U.K.’s ten Magnox reactor sites. This involves generating electricity at Wylfa on Anglesey and Oldbury in South Gloucestershire and managing the clean-up at Hunterston, Chapelcross, Trawsfynydd, Berkeley, Hinkley Point, Dungeness, Bradwell and Sizewell.


EnergySolutions supports its sites and regions by encouraging socio-economic development.

Over the last three years EnergySolutions EU Ltd, through its Socio-Economic programme, has provided direct financial support to the communities across the U.K. and donated to over 100 different organisations spanning education, sports, local community groups, charities and those organisations driving economic regeneration.

EnergySolutions allocates funding to each of its sites to manage for local opportunities in the following areas:

• Education
• Skills
• Environment

Supply chain In addition there has been support for a number of flagship schemes including:

• £50k for IT provision for secondary schools in Anglesey, North Wales
• £30k to support a major tourist development in North Wales, which has further attracted funding of £2.2M
• £30k (£10k per year) to support the Annandale Sports Academy in Scotland a major in-depth programme which introduces many sports to hundreds of children across the region
• £15k to be the corporate sponsor of the British Pipe Band Championships in Annandale, Scotland – thought to have brought in excess of £1M into Annan

In addition to our direct financial support we actively encourage and support our employees to make their time and expertise available to many community activities. Contact for all ESEU is Louise Marriage,, +44 (0) 1793 733100