Proven Experience at Zion

EnergySolutions has achieved performance confidence with the NRC and other federal, state, and local regulators and stakeholders.

  • Licensee 10CFR50 Appendix B Program implementation
  • Quarterly “Zion Community Advisory Panel” (ZCAP) meetings
  • Disposal of 22,390 Curies of Class B & C waste
  • Transfer of 2,226 spent fuel assemblies to 61 dry storage casks at the ISFSI within 366 days
  • Packaging and transfer of 460,000 Ci of GreaterThanClassC (GTCC) to four dry storage casks at the ISFSI
  • Segmentation of U1 and U2 Reactor Vessel Internals (RVI) and Reactor Vessels
  • Offsite removal and disposal of all large components 

Currently on track and setting records for:

  • Completion of D&D within eight years
  • Lowcost, high performance for largest twounit site D&D in U.S. to date
  • Largest and fastest dry cask storage campaign in U.S. history
  • Final project dose 40% less than original dose estimate