Pre-Shutdown Support & Early Site Activities

Planning for the “End in Mind.”

Upon plant shutdown, the operational mentality and focus need to quickly shift to a “decommissioning mode.” Early decisions and selected plant activities, if not planned properly during the early years of shutdown, can adversely impact the financial cost of decommissioning. EnergySolutions can help guide and shape the initial entry into decommissioning such that costs are optimized and the site is configured successfully for SAFSTOR and/or prompt decommissioning.

  • Decommissioning trust fund analysis
  • Selection of optimized DECON/SAFSTOR scenarios
  • Planning, PSDAR, decommissioning cost estimate/updates
  • Refine project controls, baseline activities, risk register
  • Organizational transition/cultural transformation
  • Review/revisions to license basis Documents, safety analysis report, tech specs, license conditions, orders, and exemption
  • Identification and implementation of program and procedure changes for physical security, emergency planning, ODCM, REMP, QA, and fire protection
  • Identification of demolition and environmental permitting
  • Historical site assessment/site characterization
  • MARSSIM and MARSAME program development
  • Early radiation protection planning, including RVI, RAMQC, GTCC considerations
  • Strategies for spent fuel pool island and “cold & dark”
  • Stored legacy waste removal and disposal
  • Waste disposition analysis, including transport mode and disposal options
  • Determination of final site end state and exposure compliance scenario