Comprehensive D&D Services

EnergySolutions is the leading radioactive waste management and disposal company in the nation and has integrated those capabilities with other expertise across the entire decommissioning process to present full spectrum D&D services to the nuclear industry.

Initial Transition & Site Activities
  • License transfer/stewardship options
  • Decommissioning planning, postshutdown transition support
PostShutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR)
  • Decommissioning cost estimates and updates
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) management and ISFSI site/dry cask selection
  • Historical Site Assessment (HSA) and site characterization
  • RP/ALARA programs and MARSAME/MARSSIM expertise
  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B QA Program with graded QA requirements for D&D
Major D&D Activities
  • Reactor Vessel Internals (RVI) and Reactor Vessel (RV) segmentation
  • Hazardous, mixed, and radioactive waste containers; loading; transportation; and disposal
  • Classification and management of Class A, B, C and GTCC waste
  • LLRW disposal site ownership, logistics, and disposition optimization
  • Large component removal and disposal
  • Building demolition contracting and management
License Termination Activities
  • Backfill material assessment, reuse of clean concrete, and excavation filling
  • License Termination Plan (LTP), Final Status Surveys (FSS) and license termination
  • Site restoration