Approaches & Options for SAFSTOR & PROMPT DECON

EnergySolutions understands the complexities, costs and risks associated with all phases of a decommissioning project and can support clients with services and options involving SAFSTOR, PROMPT DECON, or a combination/hybrid approach. The company has achieved a high regulatory confidence and margin for task performance based upon its successful work activities and regulatory compliance during the Zion D&D project. 

  • License transfers executed at Zion and La Crosse provide a model for transferring D&D risk and liabilities from a utility to another company.
  • Proven ability to commence and accelerate decommissioning operations.
  • Lowlevel radioactive waste (LLRW) owned facilities result in waste acceptance, processing, and disposal cost certainty.
  • Public and stakeholder concerns with SAFSTOR can be mitigated through planning and commencement with PROMPT DECON.
  • Overall reduced risk in the areas of industrial and radiological safety, public and regulatory stakeholder acceptance, project cost and schedule, and radioactive waste transport and disposal.