EnergySolutions Community

EnergySolutions works to serve the communities in which we have operations. Our community involvement accomplishes the following goals:


  1. Support local programs and initiatives through corporate donations
  2. Identify opportunities to serve the community through volunteer work
  3. Enhance science, technology, engineering, and math programs through sharing subject-matter expertise

Learn more about EnergySolutions’ operations and involvement in your community:EnergySolutions Canada employees volunteer on Earth Day project





New Mexico

South Carolina




Utah Food Bank -  link to give

Utah Food Bank

EnergySolutions is a proud sponsor of the Utah Food Bank Summer Business Food Drive. Summer can be a particularly challenging time for the Utah Food Bank to meet the state’s hunger needs, especially for children who are out of school and do not receive food supplements in the summer. Join EnergySolutions in raising funds for the Utah Food Bank. For every  $1 donated, the Utah Food Bank provides $7 of food and services to Utah families statewide.