Government Group

EnergySolutions specializes in providing our Government customers within the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense comprehensive nuclear and radiological material management services in support of national security and the clean-up of the Cold War legacy.

The projects that we are supporting are some of the most complex challenges facing the government today. Our work includes:


  • Disposition of Uranium-233 stockpile at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Building 3019 as the managing partner of Isotek Systems LLC.
  • Disposition of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride stockpile as the managing partner of Uranium Disposition Services, LLC.
  • Providing the baseline technology for the vitrification of tank farm waste at Hanford in support of the Waste Treatment Project.
  • Providing the process technology for the Silo waste disposition at Fernald as part of the Fluor Fernald Team.
  • Performing the retrieval, packaging, and disposition of transuranic waste at Savannah River Site as part of the WSRC Team.
  • Performing the retrieval, packaging, and disposition of transuranic waste at Hanford as part of the Fluor Hanford Team.
  • Providing operations input and plant management for the Salt Waste Processing Facility at Savannah River Site as part of the Parsons Team.
  • Leading waste management operations for the clean-up of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.
  • 3-Building D&D at ETTP in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
  • Providing logistics, processing and waste disposition solutions that enabled the clean-up and closure of Rocky Flats, Fernald, Mound, and Columbus through our commercial facilities in Utah, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Our success in performing these projects comes from our ability to apply commercial solutions to the government’s environmental and materials management challenges. Challenges are often resolved using technologies from our extensive intellectual property portfolio. We also bring solutions from our commercial fixed based processing and disposal facilities and from lessons learned through hands-on operations of more than 70 Category 2 and 3 nuclear, radiological, and industrial facilities for the government.


Service Offerings


  • Operations and maintenance of on-site disposition facilities
  • Transportation and logistics through our trucking and rail services
  • R&D at Catholic University of America’s Vitreous State Laboratory
  • Pilot facilities and mock-up at South Carolina and Tennessee
  • Incineration, metal melt, size reduction
  • Engineering and project management
  • Commissioning and operations management
  • Waste processing, and disposition
  • Nuclear materials management
  • Low-level and mixed waste disposal at Clive, Utah
  • Class B and C waste at Barnwell
  • Direct disposition to NTS
  • Liquid waste processing services
  • D&D
  • Specialized material handling
  • Fuel pool clean-up
  • Spent fuel disposition

Whether it is a specific project or a Tier 1 opportunity. EnergySolutions is committed to the nuclear industry, national security, protecting the environment, and the clean-up of the cold war legacy. We’re part of the solution.



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